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Julene B. Samuels - Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Julene B. Samuels is nationally recognized as one of the most experienced plastic sugeons in Kentucky. "Our goal is to provide you with accurate and detailed information; whether you are seeking the right cosmetic surgeon for the procedure you have long dreamed of, or simply are curious about the surgical, non-invasive, laser, medspa or cutting-edge aesthetic procedures we offer."


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Monday Morning Makeovers on Great Day Live
Monday Morning Makeovers on Great Day Live

May 10, 2021

Join Dr. Julene Samuels every Monday morning on WHAS 11 - Great Day Live's Monday Morning Makeover. Dr. Samuels is excited to share how thoughtful aesthetic procedures can enhance your inner and outer beauty.

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A Plastic Surgeon Calls This Noninvasive Body-Sculpting Device Her 'Holy Grail'

Dec, 2020

No surprise here, but achieving taut and toned muscles isn't easy to do. While you don't necessarily need to train like an Olympic athlete to get sculpted, it's still difficult for many of us to get rid of those small pockets of fat-especially on the abdomen-that seems to be more stubborn than a toddler entering their "terrible twos."

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