Why $35

When you give you help another child reach their dreams.

5 Loaves education and Medicals

Poverty is overwhelming. Poverty can silence and threaten ones dignity. But poverty can be overcome. Please help us free a child from a life sentence of dependence. That is our goal. Bringing these children to a life of independence.

$35 per month means another child has a chance to reach their dreams for a better life. We are currently averaging 100+ children each day through the Center. Our monthly budget is $3500. Below is a chart that outlines each area of our mission and its expense.

Our Stateside team is all Volunteers. 100% of your money goes to the Hope Center to support the Children. Donations are disbursed one time each month to Ethiopia.

Where the money is spent

Children with sponsors are more likely than an unsponsored child to become leaders both in their community, and in their churches. Please help these Children realize their dreams.

Please give a recurring gift today...

Thank you for helping the Children in Ethiopia.

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