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Your Partner in Saving Lives

WHY We believe effective safety is good business HOW Helping businesses succeed through partnering to prevent accidents and injuries

VISION To be your first resource for safety MOTTO Safety in all directions


Compass Safety LLC provides safety share as your full time or part time safety director or to help a safety director you have in place

Safety Share

Share a full-time safety director on a part-time basis:

  • We work with companies who need a safety director
  • We work with the safety director who needs help
  • We assign you a safety and health professional to help lead, manage, train, inspect, investigate, advise, and assist
Compass Safety LLC provides safety training on the job, at your facility or in ours

Safety Training

We provide safety and health training:

  • On the job
  • At your facility
  • In our local facility


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Get the Compass Safety newsletter discussing the latest safety news and upcoming regulation changes. If you need to obtain more immediate information you can contact us right now.

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