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Industries Served by Compass Safety

Construction Industry

Construction site safety requires special planning and special tactics. Due to the high risk of losses caused by accidents, injuries and regulatory fines, many construction projects require a safety professional to be on-site. A Compass Safety specialist can provide the following:

  • On-site safety management
  • Develop site specific safety plans
  • Perform daily safety inspections and audits
  • Help supervise subcontractor’s work activities
  • Conduct job hazard assessments
  • Provide safety training, toolbox talks
  • And much more
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General Industry

General industry involves unique safety challenges. All organizations large or small require effective safety management in order to reduce the risk of losses associated with accidents, injuries and regulatory fines.

  1. Conduct an in-depth analysis of your facilities and operations
  2. Develop a detailed and custom company specific written safety plan focusing on:
    • Develop a continuous improvement approach to safety management
    • Encourage employee involvement
    • Perform workplace analysis (inspections and audits)
    • Conduct safety training
    • Improve OSHA compliance
    • Implement contractor pre-qualification screening
  3. Help you better manage your safety process
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