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Buy directly from Uhl Turf and you know your sod is absolutely fresh.

Why buy from a garden center, or a big box store (they buy from us anyway)? Buy from us and get direct from the grower costs, free tips for your lawn, and know that you have the freshest grass for the best results.

If you dont' know how to determine the correct quanity needed, just use our square yards calculator.

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Jeff Uhl, Owner

Fescue for Southern Indiana Lawns

Not all fescue is grown the same way. With over 50 years of experience, Uhl Turf knows how to grow fescue that will look great and feel great for Southern Indiana lawns.

Why Buy Uhl Turf Fescue?

Uhl Turf Blend

We like it when landscapers and homeowners in Southern Indiana let us know that our sod looks great. We have carefully selected a blend of fescue ideal for our area. To order fesuce just give us a call. If you are unsure about the quantity needed visit our full site at and use the sod calculator on the Do-It-Yourself page.

Types of Fescue

Tall fescue and Fine fescue varieties have been developed to be shade tolerant, stay green all year and offer drought resistance. Fine fescue tends to be more shade tolerant than Tall.

Tall Fescue

The new varieties are ideal for lawns and provide a dense, drought tolerant turf quality lawn with low maintenance. We select our blend to have better blade structure and to endure traffic - afterall, lawns are to be used and still stay attractive!

Fescue Maintenance

Compared to many other types of grass, fescue is relatively low maintenance. Once established, it will require less watering, mowing and fertilizer. As a general rule, the fall is the best time to apply the heaviest dose of fertilizer and the summer is the absolute worst time to apply fertilizer.

Be Responsbile - Recycle Your Grass

Mow your fescue lawn at a height of 3-3.5” and leave the clippings on your lawn (they will decompose quickly and can actually provide up to 25 percent of your lawn's nutrient needs). Mow often enough that you never let your lawn get above 5 inches tall.