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Pick Up Orders

We cut everything to order! Even if it is just one roll (one square yard).

Buy directly from Uhl Turf and you know your sod is absolutely fresh.

Why buy from a garden center, or a big box store (they buy from us anyway)? Buy from us and get direct from the grower costs, free tips for your lawn, and know that you have the freshest grass for the best results.

If you dont' know how to determine the correct quanity needed, just use our square yards calculator.

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Pick Up Orders

Jeff Uhl, Owner

Sod Delivery or Pick Up

At Uhl Turf, our sod is cut to order, which means you always get sod fresh from our fields. You're likely to see us out cutting fescue and bluegrass in the early morning while the sun is rising, getting ready for deliveries, pick up orders and sod installation.

Minimum order = 1 small roll

Sometimes that all you need, one roll. And that's fine with us. We welcome orders from homeowners working on small projects and we also welcome homeowners working on large projects in need of much more than one roll. Either way you'll need to let us know how much you need and we'll schedule either a pick up or a delivery for you.

Maximum order = as much as you need

For larger commercial delivery projects we offer big rolls if you prefer. The choice is yours, we'll cut your sod to order and delivery it to your specifications.

Sod Installation

If you would rather not install your sod yourself, let us know and we'll take care of it for you. If you choose to tackle the project on your own, we'll offer guidance to help you achieve the best results.

If you choose to install your sod, start installing immediately after Uhl Turf delivers it. Begin by placing the first roll along a straight edge, or at a right angle to a curve if there are no straght edges. Butt the end of the next roll without overlapping. Once the first row is finished you'll want to stagger the joints for each subsequent rowl. Keep a sharp knife handy for cutting irregular shapes and to expose sprinkler heads.

Once a large section is sodded begin watering it. Continue to lay and water until the lawn is complete.

How much sod is needed?

Use our sod calculator where you'll also find tips for laying sod, watering, lawn care, fertilizing and mowing, or call and we'll help you calculate your needs.

Water, Water, Water

Once the entire area is sodded water your sod thoroughly. Sod in Southern Indiana will need to be kept moist by watering daily until the sod becomes well rooted. After about two weeks, try to lift a corner of your sod. After your lawn is established, you will be able to decrease the frequency of watering, but increase the amount of water per application.