Recovering The Damages You've Sustained

The Hughes Law Firm has the experience to develop a legal strategy to help you recover all the damages you sustained as the result of an accident. The aftermath of a serious accident can be overwhelming for victims and their families. We are committed to protecting the intrests of personal injury accident clients.

  • Cost of Medical and Rehabilitative Care
  • Loss of Income
  • Diminished Capacity to Earn
  • Emotional Trauma

Stop Feeding the Greed - MORE MONEY FOR YOU

We will recover the maximum cash for you. You pay us nothing until we do. When we do you keep 75% of the money! It is common practice with other attorneys to only allow you to keep 50 - 66%. Think about it. If you are awarded $100,000, how much would you like to keep?

$100,000 - 25% (The Hughes Law Firm) = $75,000 that's more money for you
$100,000 - 33% (other attorneys) = $66,700 that's all you'll get
$100,000 - 50% (other attorneys) = $50,000 that's even less for you

$750,000 Settlement Auto Accident

A 6 year old suffered a broken leg when hit by a truck while playing in the yard.

$2,200,000 Verdict Construction Accident

Head injuries and impaired vision were the result of a fall on a construction site.

$500,000 Settlement Wrongful Death

The driver was fatally injured when he hit an illegally parked semi.

$50,000 Settlement Auto Accident - Underinsured

The motorcyclist was struck by a truck and sustained severe nerve damage and lost use of his arm.

$500,000 Settlement Truck Accident

An elderly gentleman sustrained injuries including a collapsed lung as the result of a collision with a truck.

$1,300,000 Settlement Workplace Injury

A young adult suffered electrical burns and injuries to his neck and back while working on a construction site.

$228,000 Settlement Workplace Injury

Construction employee was injured on the job. Although the company doctor cleared him to go back to work he sought the benefits he deserved. Lost wages, medical bills and a settlement.

$187,500 Settlement Workplace Injury

A male employee was injured at a manufacturing company when a piece of equipment malfunctioned.

$50,000 Settlement Auto Accident

With Police.

$135,000 Settlement Auto Accident - Injured on the Job

A tow truck operator was injured when struck by a vehicle while working.

$600,000 Settlement Motorcycle Accident

Motorcyclist suffered a severe ankle injury when struck by an at fault driver.

$40,000 Settlement Auto Accident - On the Job

In addition to medical bills and lost wages a construction employee received a settlement when injured in a single car accident while on the job.

$73,700 Settlement Slip and Fall - On the Job

In addition to filing for medical bills and lost wages with the Kentucky Department of Worker's Claims, a shipping company employee received a settlement when his lower back was injured.

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Helping Victims Recover
From Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

We understand that it is often impossible to fully undo these wrongs, it is, however, possible to recover compensation, find justice, and hold the responsible party accountable.
We are committed to applying our legal expertise, energy and knowledge into resolving your case in a timely and advantageous manner.

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